To provide Reliable and Tailor-Made Solutions combining New-Age Thinking to win Organizational Challenges.

In a world where walking means to stand still and running equals to mere survival, organizations are expected to move in warp speed in order to be successful. With these stellar expectations from every aspect of the organization, it is no surprise that many organizational environments have become more pressurized.

We at Proxima Direct brings clarity and peace of mind to these organizations and its employees by providing simplified business solutions that may range from revolutionizing thinking to assisting to outsource mundane tasks. Proxima’s fresh perspective into deep-rooted challenges and it’s new thinking, we are able to assist companies ranging from a simple sole proprietor to a multinational.


Proxima Direct Consulting is a management consultancy and training service provider with the focus towards the local challenges and its unique requirements with a global perspective.

We are focused on the diagnosis as much as we are solution oriented. We believe in understanding the challenge thoroughly before jumping in with readymade solutions. Our unique approach relies on an open mind, out of the box thinking and the ability to facilitate solution design together with the client combined with the vast industry experiences of our consultants.

Proxima Direct was founded on the premise that we will provide our clients with the opportunity and the facilitation to understand what they want to be and be the very best of who they are.